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Sexual Harassment in Egyptian Dance Community

Sexual Harassment in Egyptian Dance Community has become a phenomenon these days. Instead of going to dance class to have fun enjoy...

An Overview of Fitness Dance Styles

Fitness Dance can be one of the best exercises to tone your body and strip you of fat. Without feeling like you're...

How to Take Care of Your Body as a Dancer?

Your body as a dancer is your most important tool. You can’t dance your best when your body is not feeling good....

Tips to Step-up Your Confidence as a Total Beginner

Your Confidence as a Total Beginner is very important topic. Learning to dance is not hard at all but how to dance...

Trending Dance Classes in Egypt

Trending dance classes in Egypt become a way for people there especially in Cairo. Which is classified as one of the most...

Extraordinary Dances and Songs In Egypt Will Never Be Forgotten

Extraordinary Dances and Songs In Egypt. Dance has not been a part of recent Egyptians culture. But, since Pharaohs it was a...

Dance is not just a hobby or passion, it`s lifestyle

Whether you like to jump or jive, tap or tango, shake your hips or your booty, dancing is one of the most...

10 Tips to Help You Pass Ballet Audition

Ballet is not only considered one of the classiest arts but it is also considered lead by example of disciplined attitude among...

Tour@ Latin Love Dance School

Latin Love Dance School is an international dance school with three Branches in: Romania, London (UK) and Egypt. The school was founded in Romania in 2013....

Etiquette to Keep in Mind in any Dance Class

Salsa, Contemporary or Zumba dance is your favorite type of dance. Whatever it is there are some Etiquette to Keep in Mind Before joining...

Tour@ Slimnastics Studio Ballet & Aerobics

Slimnastics Studio operates one, full-service ballet and aerobics studio in New Cairo with plans for expand throughout Cairo in the coming year. It...

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The Real Dance Holidays By AfroLatin Egypt

AfroLatin Egypt is one of the international leading entities in professional dance, they offer classes, organize events, and provide dancers for events,...

Too Much Dance Could Make Burnout

Of-course too much dance can cause burnout. Casting directors and dance trainers are always in state of active searching for dancers whom...

7 Dancing Myth Busted

1 - Dancers don’t eat much Dancers have to eat. Maybe they are Hungary all the time (most of...

Why Zumba Comes First in Fitness Dancing?

Every lady nowadays has a vision that she should take care of her look and be trendy and fit. Core could be the same...

If you Have Anxiety Before Dancing This Article is for You

Anxiety or worries are normal feeling for humans; it may be a sign of responsibility and ambition. Anxiety is a common between dancers before...

4 Broad Categories of Fitness Dance

Fitness dancing stands out from technical or traditional dance in that technique, most dance fitness classes have a focus on cardiovascular exercise....
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