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Amr Kaseb

Soul Dance team has the honor to interview Amr Kaseb, he has a long journey in dancing career, he kindly shared his success story with us.

How did your passion for dance begin?

In 2007 I was invited by a friend to a Salsa night, and there was an intro class before the party, so I joined just to have an idea, and the surprise was that I learn very fast, and the teacher was so impressed with my quick learning, and this was beginning of the addiction.

What is your biggest challenge in dancing career?

Facing the mentalities, and the ignorance about dance as an art, so some will see it as inappropriate, some will abuse it to get closer to other gender, and some will see it as a business chance & they manipulate it to have more people, and of course this affect this nice art & how people perceive it.

In your artistic career, what is the most thing you`re proud of?

Having an excellent reputation as an organizer & teacher, which really needs very hard work, and the better reputation I have, the harder I work, to keep up the standard.

What distinguish a dancer from others?

There are many things, but to mention some; having a good sense to feel the music & it’s energy to be able to express this in the dance, the ability to move the body properly & do body isolation, the ability to learn fast, good focus while dancing & learning, and even more.

what is need it to improve dancing in Egypt as community and art?

Awareness is the key, people need to perceive & deal with the dance as an art; not just a way to have fun, make new friends, or even a business, because that’s what’s happening mostly, but when people perceive dance as an art, they’ll start to deal with differently, they’ll start to see what regular people don’t see, hence they can start to develop as real artistic dancers, which strengthens dance community and art.

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