Mission & Vision

The Arabian golden age of dance is back. Inspired by the passion of dancing & dancers. Aiming to share love, tolerance & culture rising in between all over Egypt. Setting dance in the real position it deserves in Egyptians Concept.

Souldance is the first online dance magazine in Egypt specialized in sharing all types & styles of dance. Ballet, Latin, hip-hop, Belly dance, Contemporary, folklore and so on. Gathering the dance community in every corner of Egypt. Most importantly, we need to make sure that everyone is understanding the beauty of this magnificent & elegant art.

How We Categorize Our Content?


Souldance magazine is inspired by dancers and dance culture, so we have dedicated section for every dancer out there, doesn’t matter what type of dancer he or she is, what we really need is to let people know and read about their amazing success & inspirational stories. We can say out loudly that we are Honored & delightful to have them on our magazine.


Read-up section contains articles about general subjects of dancing and a lot information about the dancing art, articles like how-to, dancing history, techniques, trending dancing, tips-and-tricks, guides for beginners and professionals and so on. This section will help everyone interested in dancing to know more about it, and for those who are not, we will make sure that this magnificent art will get your intention every day.


According to World Health Organization (WHO), health definition simply is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Souldance cares about health and having fun at the same time. Body&Soul section is all about what makes dancing is a great way to maintain a great physical, psychological and social health. All articles related to dancing and health is in this section. Because dancing is a delight and makes your heart cheery and light, it is indeed the most fascinating activity you can do everyday for your body and soul.


In Souldance, we need to reveal all places involved in dancing. Tour section mainly will take you on a tour – hence the name – inside dancing studios and schools, just to take a look around and make that place closer to you, but at the same time we will show you many place that involved like theaters, culture centers and so on.


We love events (everybody does) so Souldance magazine has a section gathering all dancing events including special events, festivals and shows. We also have upcoming events section for every dance event and night happening around, with their schedules and all the information you need, we even implement google maps to help you to find them easily, hope to see you there, and look around for Souldance gifts.

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We are working hard on searching & exploring the dance communities to add more & more sections to our magazine, and we hope to find them all because every dancer & every studio or school is essential to our mission to spread this magnificent & elegant art to the whole world.

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