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Soul Dance team was happy to interview the butterfly Nagham Salah, we get into her career and how her love for dancing turned into success. She talked with her feelings and inspiration for others.

How did your passion for dance begin?

nagham salah

Since 2007 I was thinking of doing anything artistic but I didn’t know this time exactly what is my path, I spend almost 2 years in acting because I know a director and he was my friend, in 2009 the twist has come by friend of mine Merit Michelle, she was so descent and friendly and she invited me to her dancing workshop, at this moment I wasn’t sure about dancing especially I never thought I could be a dancer or dancing in general, but curiosity took over my thoughts and I decided to take the leap and the chance, and from the first move I said I found myself, it will be my future goal.

What did you learn from dancing in general?

I have learnt from dancing how I can express my ideas, my true self and how to release my suppressed energy and my details. it dramatically changed my life from shy introvert girl into extrovert character with many friends. I started to love my body and understand it deeply; I can’t really express how he changed my life in all aspects. I started to accept all human beings with all cultures and I built a communication network from many countries.

We have heard about your creativity and that you are mixing more than dancing styles with contemporary tell us more about?

I mixed African with contemporary since 2013 with Mohamed Bonga to work on special music mixed with two styles, I work on basic African dance with legs and hands moves.

Why contemporary dance was your choice?

nagham salah

Before 2009 I started in hip hop but contemporary means a special mood for me as it was the way to express my self through dancing as am not so talkative character, it is more sense and acting not more systemic steps, it is not traditional. I have tried salsa and tango and Zumba and many types of dancing but contemporary will still be my best choice.

What would you advise the beginners in contemporary?

Love and passion are the keys, don’t follow the trend ever. Without passion and true believe you can’t do it. Imagination would help you a lot as it from the basic steps, the sky is your limit. Let your body draws the steps.

In your point of view what we need to do to improve dance community in Egypt?

We need more attention for the specialized authorities as ministry of culture to consider us as independent dancers which give us the facilities to dance on their stages as opera. We work only on private theaters which costs a lot of income and the revenue from tickets is not balanced equation at all.

We don’t belong to syndicate or any ministry to take care of us as contemporary dancers. You can’t imagine how we suffer from lack of fund and lack of system to share in any international festival. Finally I want to express my appreciation to Egypt as Sudanese citizen but I feel that am frustrated in dealing as foreigner and find difficulties in  governmental issues like licenses for example “nagham salah said ” , just I want to put spot on problems to find care and support we need to help us in the message of spreading true art and high taste between Egyptians and represent Egypt with image she deserves. nagham salah quoted.

We are overjoyed to be our guest Nagham Salah and want to repeat it next time to share your success story with us.

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