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Yassmin El-Serag

Souldance magazine was honored to have this exciting interview with The glamorous dancer Yassmin El-Serag. She kindly opened her heart and shared the essence of her success story.

Ballet & Artistic Career

Yassmin El-Serag

Member at Cairo Opera Ballet Team, teacher for first team at Slimnastics the first private professional ballet school in Egypt. Employee at national center for theater and Volunteer Ballet teacher assistant at Sawy Culture wheel Actress.

Initial Life

Yassmin El-Serag

Yasmin passion and deep love for ballet started early at the age of 7 years. Her sister played a great roll in her artistic life. Who was working as singer and actress at Cairo opera house. Yasmin was attending shows of her sister and it was a really inspiration for her and from opera environment and ballet dancers , she started to imitate ballet dancers movements.

Her sister Doaa discovered her talent and guided her to join ballet academy to work on her potential.  She completed her ballet diploma and get higher studies, promoted to be ballet soloist at her team; she represented Egypt at many festivals, tournament in Europe and Arab countries and official occasions inside Egypt.

In 2015 she participated in Lebanese edition program of the famous program you think you can dance and was one of the four final lists at Middle East where she had a great experience at many types of dancing. Yasmin gives the credit of her success at the program to the Mega star Nelly Karim whom was her idol from her childhood and motivating her as judge at the TV program and motivated her to get acting career also

Yassmin El-Serag

“Yasmin El-Serag is a shining star ballerina, choreographer, director & ballet teacher”

She worked on her acting talent through many acting workshops and sharing at mega Tv ads campaigns. She is working on musical and dancing shows with director Weam Isamel. To participate in increasing Egyptian Community with ballet art.

Yassmin El-Serag is a Ballet Instructor & choreographer

Her Story with this step during her study at ballet institute. Therefore, When the talented director Yasser Samy and talents maker director Khaled Galal have seen her talent. They recommended her to cooperate with Singer Carmen Soliman as choreographer in her clips and in Tv ads in different dancing styles.

Yassmin El-Serag finally joined Slimnastics as ballet teacher. Therefore, coaching their first team with different techniques in building ballerina life style and personality. Meanwhile, starting from teaching her to control her body and mind and making it fun also. Coming from her beliefs in participating in building new leading generation of ballet dancers whom can effect community taste and culture and her beliefs that motivation for them can make miracles.

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