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7 Dancing Myth Busted

1 – Dancers don’t eat much

Dancers have to eat. Maybe they are Hungary all the time (most of them). That because simply the amount of physical work it requires to be a dancer. Dancers easily maintain their weight simply because of the amount of exercise they do.

2 – You must be flexible to be a good dancer

If you think that you are not going to be a dancer because you don`t have any flexibility whatsoever. You are totally wrong and you need to get that out of your head. Actually dancing will make you flexible enough even if you’re overweight. Take a look of how to take care of your body as a dancer post

3 – You can be a professional dancer within weeks

It takes time and effort and specially a lot of practice to be a good dancer. It defers from one to another. So don`t just expect to become one without tears and sweat and pushing yourself to the limit.

4 – 60% of male dancers are gays

Just because you see a male dancing and wearing a dancing custom. Doesn’t mean he`s gay, in most Arabic countries. They believe that dancing (especially belly dance) is for women. So they assume that most of male dancers are gays.

5 – You have to started young to be a professional dancer

Totally not true, dancing is not limited to a certain age, gender or place, so don’t bother yourself, like we used to say, dance is the best chance

6 – Dancers should be tall

Maybe you should be tall if you are going to play basketball. Or any other sport that require a minimum height, dancing is totally different, it doesn’t relate to physical manner at all.

7 – Dancing classes are so expensive

If you think you have to pay so much money in order to succeed and become a professional dancer. Think again, many schools have intensive classes and workshops. And you can get the basic steps of any type of dance in matter of weeks. But you have to practice a lot and give it a time and effort to become a good dancer.

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