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Too Much Dance Could Make Burnout

Of-course too much dance could make burnout. Casting directors and dance trainers are always in state of active searching for dancers whom could be special and leave their finger prints in dancing career. They seek for stars whom are professional and hard worker and seeking for development. Although professional dancers are good enough to work on themselves. They also need help from the trainers and professionals.

As you all know. Dancing and show business overall is very competitive industry. So you have to work on your body and skills all the time to keep your level ascending. But there is limitations for training quantity to keep you away from over training complications , you have to be known what is your limits. So let us know the symptoms too much dance can make burnout. Take a look as well of how to take care of your body as a dancer post here

Over Training hours Complications

dance could make burnout

Over training and too much work out is very risky and can cause burning out state, which is defined as persistent fatigue, exhaustion for prolonged time, unexplained bad concentration on dancing or even harm for your body. Burn out state is very common between dancers and athletics due to bad training programs which is not designed well to keep them safe and give those normal breaks and timing to get well after high workloads and rehearsals.

Reasons to burn out

Reasons why dance could make burnout are multiple and don’t seem directly connected and may be related to discrete causes according to every single case. Starting from bad diet, low fitness and bad training schedules. For sure you can’t control your rehearsals and training all the time but time organization can keep you away from risk and complications.

Symptoms’ of burnout

dancer taking rest from burnout training

Although symptoms and vital signs are not so clear to identify, but if signs started to be crystal clear so keep ignoring it is very risky and can cause complications which could be lasting for prolonged times, alarm could starts from:

  • Persistent illness
  • Prolonged loss of dancing performance
  • Weight reduction
  • Loss of attentiveness
  • Sadness and anxiety
  • Energy deficiency
  • Excessive sweating
  • Poor concentration
  • Increased susceptibility to injuries
  • Signs of depression
  • Technique breakdown

How to evade burnout from too much dance ?

dancer taking rest from burnout training

Many will advise you to cure the results only which will give you as a dancer short term results as taking a vacation or getting some aromatherapy for example but it will make you relive for short time. We need to work on elevating long term strategy culture between trainers and choreographers on awareness of burn out symptoms and detecting it early and even prevention of it. Time schedules are always the solution, timing for training, rest and rehearsals frequency and healthy diet all over the time.

Prevention is a lot better than treatment

I am sure that none of us would want to end up with a burnout. The most important thing is to listen to your body. It has its ways of letting you know when he needs a break. Eating well is also extremely important and having a diet based on how much energy you need every day.

sleep, sleep, sleep! It’s so good for your mind and body and it also helps with the training. Dance moves that you practice during the day are stored in muscle memory during the night, and can helps prevent burnout.

dance could make burnout We always have to remember that mechanism of burn out works due to individual reasons, not all bodies of the dancers are the same of handling anxiety and work load. Monitoring and customization always are the best.

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