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The Real Dance Holidays By AfroLatin Egypt

AfroLatin Egypt is one of the international leading entities in professional dance, they offer classes, organize events, and provide dancers for events, video shooting, etc.
Their passion is dance, so they promote all its types & the culture of each for authenticity, since 2010 they have done a lot to dance scene and dancing community in Egypt like Annual international festivals, international dance marathon, international & local trips, hundreds of workshops, boot-camps & parties.

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They also introduced new dances including Kizomba, Semba, Zouk (Brazilian), Bachata (Dominican & Sensual), Rueda de Bachata, Bachatango, Bolero, Kaizen Dance, Dances of Cape Verde, AfroHouse & Kuduro, and still we’re trying to bring (Forró, Samba de Gafieira, & more), they had the biggest effect & they put Egypt on the international dance map.

You can read our inspiration article about Amr Kaseb here

This is not a regular festival, it’s designed as a dance vacation!

AfroLatin Egypt presents the best dance vocation you can ever attend with a fair price, the whole vacation is a tour up to 10 days in 4 amazing cities in Egypt, Cairo, Hurghada (Sahl Hasheesh), Luxor & Nubia. It`s not just a vacation or tour it`s designed as a dance vacation means everyone can dance all the time and having a great touristic treasure, the best part is if you are not a dancer at all but you are really interested to have a glimpse of the big dancing community, get familiar with dancing styles and techniques, have a good time with amazing people, and see the beauty of Egypt, this is your chance. AfroLatin Egypt is one of the most successful dance festival in Egypt.

Some of the activities include:

  • Crazy parties & fun everywhere; Beach, Pool, Boat, Foam, Outdoors, Dance Cruise, Ballroom, Clubs!
  • Max 16 workshops “as an added value” that won’t waste your dance vacation!
  • Adventure; live on an island! Scuba-dive! Water Sports! Desert Safari! Sand-boarding! Kayaking! Climbing & more!
  • Sightseeing; Pyramids, Sphinx, Temples & more!
  • 100% social: not over crowded! New friends! Activities & Games!
  • Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, UrbanKiz, Zouk, Semba, Tarraxinha, Afro House & more.

AfroLatin Egypt Djs and Artists

Dj Lana MW – Russia
Dj Shems – Tunisia
Bachata artist Aglaya – Russia
UrbanKiz & Kizomba Artist – John L2D


DJjNata Fofinha – Russia
Dj Sako – Lebanon
Bachata artist Anton – Russia
Afro-Cuban Movement artists Spirits N Motion 3.0 – USA


Dj Picccolina – Egypt
Dj Joey Love – Lebanon / UAE
Kizomba & Semba Artists Berto & Zuzana – France/ Slovakia
Salsa Artist Alex Lima – Brazil / France

“We hope to spread the dance art all over Egypt, and make it a unique destination for dancers from around the world, where they can enjoy dance along with our great touristic treasure.”

For more details about AfroLatin Dance Holidays please visit afrolatinegypt.com

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