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Trending Dance Classes in Cairo

Dance classes become the way for people there especially in Cairo. Which is classified as one of the most stressful cities around the world. There is no better solution than finding your favorite dance classes & enjoy your weekends there. So, let’s get deeper look on trending dance classes in Egypt.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a genre of dance performance that developed during the mid-twentieth century. And has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world, with particularly strong popularity in the U.S. and Europe.

It perfectly matches with people getting fed up easily and want new ways of amusement. Contemporary dance classes focus on flexibility and creativity in movements. Can match with different types of music with unusual dance approach or finale.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

Martha Graham

Contemporary dance classes has been much influenced by eastern philosophies. Applying ideals and values derived from Zen Buddhism and Indian Hatha Yoga to contemporary dance. This is especially true when it comes to mental training and postural strength. Required to deliver unrestricted lines across vast spaces. Contemporary dance classes are more popular & trendy than ever especial in Cairo. Stay tuned for upcoming article about contemporary dance in great detail.

Pole Dance

Egyptians totally miss understands this type of dance classes. As type of adults dance or striptease. But let us tell you it is very narrow definition. Pole dance defined as a dual type of dancing and gymnast. The category of pole dance is actually fitness dance. It has penetrated Egypt recently and trending dance for increasing body flexibility and losing weight in entertaining way.

The variety of exercises you can do with a pole are great. Which are similar to exercises you might do in the gym. But using your own body weight for resistance. From chin ups to crunches to work your arms and abs. Climbing to swan holds for your legs and bums – you can work it all on a pole.

Pole Fitness is an extension of pole dancing that uses the pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment. It works the whole body, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture as well as upper body and core strength. Pole dance has 4 major broad categories you can read about it here

Belly Dance

Belly dance has long history in Egypt belly dance is a part of Egyptian folklore and nowadays become trendy dance classes at studios and gyms for mood elevation and weight loss for ladies. In the 21st century, the genre has gained considerable popularity all around the world.

Belly dance is a common term used to represent past and present styles of folkloric in the Middle East. The term is used so broadly that a more specific title in order to properly represent the dance. Of course there is subjectivity in placing belly dance into categories. As a result, there are often commonalities rather than hard rules, but we believe that in attempting to organize the information we can better understand it.

Egyptian oriental or Raqs Sharki Egyptian Cabaret. Egyptian Style Belly Dance is the belly dance style that is most true to the past and present dancers of Egypt, mainly Cairo. The style tends to be fluid without much isolation and is rich in emotion and music interpretation.

There are more styles and categories for belly dance, Classical (1930- 40s), Modern (late 1940s-90s) and Post Modern (1990s- present). As present Egyptian dancers begin teaching abroad and foreigners have begun performing in Cairo. You begin to see native Egyptian dancers using current Western style. Therefore, the present day trends of Cairo are more difficult.

Bachata Dance

Started to get more and more popular in Egypt for the last 2-3 years. Beautiful dance from the Dominican Republic. Most importantly, when you enjoy enthusiasm, moderate movements while enjoying Latin American music, keep your body healthy and getting new friends, isn’t it great so.

The original Bachata dance style comes from the Dominican Republic where the music also was born. The early slow style in the fifties from where everything started was a close dance, like the Bolero. The Bachata Basic Steps moving within a small square (side, side, forward and side, side, back) are also the inspiration from the Bolero.

Dancing is a spiritual exercise in a physical form

Mercier Cunningham

But danced slightly different in Bachata and danced with syncopation (steps in between the beats) depending on the dancer’s mood and the character of the music. The hand placement will vary with the dancers position which can be very close to semi-close to open.

Original Dominican Bachata is today danced all over the Caribbean, now also faster in accordance to faster music, adding more footwork, turns/figures and rhythmic free style moves and with alternate between close (romantic) and open position (more playful adding footwork, turns/figures, rhythmic torso etc.).

Kizomba dance classes

Getting more and more popular in Egypt community, kizomba is a popular dance style originated in the end of 1970s in Luanda (Angola). It is a romantic, slower, sensuous rhythm with traditional Angolan semba dance. Kizomba is pure sensuality and even eroticism. The torso of the dancers is in contact with much of the dance, except when it is lateral. The most kizomba is Portuguese.

In his movements, he has three times, in which the man always commands the woman, directing with his hand on his partner’s back and following the seductive rhythm of the music. Since it is such a sticky dance, it is normal that at the beginning it may be difficult to dance it, but with a few tricks you will dance with total freedom.


It is booming between dance and fitness due to its great benefits starts from stress management. Above all , it`s increasing muscle coordination, weight loss and its great effect on happiness hormones in our brains. It works likes magic.

Zumba sessions combine Latin music with popular Latin dances such as salsa, mambo, merengue, and samba. Don’t worry if you’re not a Latin ballroom trophy holder. Just keep kicking your legs and swaying your arms.

Unlike a traditional aerobics class, you don’t have to worry about stepping or clapping in perfect time. Zumba movements are more free flowing. After a Zumba class, you’ll feel less like you marched in a boot camp drill and more like you let yourself go at a party.

Check out our article about why Zumba comes first in fitness dancing here

Flamenco Dance

Flamenco dance (baile) is a highly-expressive, Spanish dance form. The flamenco is a solo dance characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm, and body movements. The dance is usually accompanied by a singer and guitar player

The Spanish dance which symbols power, guitar and gypsy music, dynamic dance with hand clapping and foot plodding. Most importantly, you will get energy, worm and feel alive during its class.

The art form developed over several centuries from Gypsy, Moorish, Andalusian, and other roots. Flamenco music and dance became popular in the early 19th century as café entertainment. In the 19th century, guitar accompaniment became common for many genres, and guitar solos also developed.


When you enjoy noise and beat it will be your favorite class. In other words, which is good in hip- hop it is suitable for every one and every place you can on beat in car, street or even in the elevator.

Hip Hop culture originated in New York among young Hispanic and African American communities during the late 1960’s. Synonymous with rap, scratch music and graffiti art, the style encompasses the movements of break-dancing and body-popping, and has been internationally recognized since the 1970’s.

Hip Hop is an edgy, raw and intense urban dance style also known as Street Dance. The origin of popping, locking and crumping, Hip Hop is mostly danced to rap, urban and not surprisingly, hip hop music. Funky, high-top dance sneakers are normally worn by dancers.

hip-hop dance classes in cairo

What sets Hip Hop apart from most dance genres is that its original street dance was freestyle in nature and did not follow a predefined choreography. A style of dance that is open to personal expression, Hip hop artists were free to interpret the dance in any way they could, and this lead to many innovative and exciting dance styles.

The 1980’s saw the emergence of a new style of hip-hop into rap videos, distinguished from original break dancing styles by its concentration on footwork as opposed to acrobatics. Hereafter, the emergence of house music saw hip hop re-invent itself again with a broader range of influences and freer expression.


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