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Why Zumba Comes First in Fitness Dancing?

Every lady nowadays has a vision that she should take care of her look and be trendy and fit. Core could be the same for all ladies but the question is what will be my way or my technique to achieve it. When ladies decide to start her fitness journey she always has two objectives effect on her body and fun and amusement while working out. Some will choose traditional way like going to gym train on treadmill while others choose burning their calories in zumba class and dance and socialize in a group. Both of them can achieve amazing results in weight loss and calories burning but differences are enormous.

You have Low Fitness level

Zumba comes first a for low fitness level person who hates traditional shape of training on treadmills and going to gym every day , For sure zumba is a workout class but in a funny way while shaking your hips and waist and being in a mood of Latin , belly dance , Hip hop music and other types of music and burning calories . 45 Min of zumba fitness burns about 380 calories does it worth to practice doesn’t it. It is almost the same calories while running or biking or train on treadmill for 1 hour but you will miss so much fun and feel the suffer of every minute of traditional training  types.

On of typical restrictions of running or biking are joints or ligaments problems which may worsen your case, while zumba workout could be modified to suit your health state.



Diversity in work out class keeps it cheerful and it will be a motive to go regularly to class and waiting for today new movements and new styling while regular types of training can’t be modified or updated a lot.

There are different classes of zumba, starting from the innovative zumba, aqua zumba, zumba toning and zumba step. There is no much fun like this.


With zumba classes rush hour term is not common everything is organized you have accurate times to have your class , while in treadmill training and usual gym work out there is peak hours and maybe you have to wait to get your turn .

Extra Health Benefits

Extra health benefits will be obtained with zumba from   trunk area becomes stronger and improved stability in elder. Mark able improvement in mental and psychological health in comparison with traditional workout.

Dual benefit from fitness class could be your best choice get your ideal shape while elevating your mood could be perfect decision you should make.

zumba 2

1 – Toning Your Entire Body:

Zumba is known today for toning your body in the most fun and effective way possible. It will engage all your muscles and make sure all the popular muscle building moves such as squats and lunges find a place. It will tighten and tone your body from head to foot.

2 – Will convince you to come back:

Workouts that make you enjoy yourself always manage to convince you to come back and try them again. It will change your whole idea of working out and will be something you will look forward to. Now, isn’t that amazing?

3 – Gives You Great Results:

Zumba will also give you great results in a very short period. There are many women who have lost over 50 pounds by doing Zumba. A lot of them have also said that any day they would choose dancing over the gym.

4 – Suitable for All Ages:

Zumba is great for women of all ages. You don’t have to do this alone. Get a hold of all your girlfriends and workout with them. If you are a mother, use this as an opportunity to bond with your little one. The two of you can melt fat like it’s no big deal with the help of Aerobic dance.

5 – Reduces Stress dramatically:

Zumba is not just about losing weight. If you are someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle, Zumba will be a refreshing change for you. You are going to fall in love with Zumba, and there will be no turning back.

6 – it`s not hard To Find:

Zumba is very easy to find. Almost every metropolitan city in the world today has Zumba classes. If you find it difficult to travel to one, don’t stress! You can find millions of videos online. Working out has never been this fun!

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