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If you Have Anxiety Before Dancing This Article is for You

Anxiety or worries are normal feeling for humans, it may be a sign of responsibility and ambition. Anxiety is a common between dancers before their big shows or big events, most probably this negative feeling affects your level of performance negatively. Well let us go these emotions deeply to know the real reasons for that.

Don’t let your inner voice be your enemy; it usually starts with dancer mind. Voice tells them I feel you will not perform well today, what if you made mistakes live, what if audience feedback was bad.

Solutions to control performance anxiety

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Here is the solution break fear circle, control your voice which keeps telling you that you will fail, convince your mind that is not real, keep deep breathing and relax. With relaxation feeling you keep your normal blood flow through your body and keep it fresh and able to perform in very nice way.

Anxiety is real cause for dancers to act like in danger

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It is the illness of show business; working at career you get all your credits from others, have to face audience even every day and you have to impress them every time you are on stage not any easy thought.

Your mind tells you that your current skills and performance will not be improved; your level will not be enhanced. Fine break those silly thought by getting fire on stage, push yourself to perform every time like it is the last time you dance and you need to please yourself while performing before pleasing your audience, learn from the past and look for the future.

Get your mind back to active state

We will give you the secret recipe to get out with your mind from danger and alert state to have fresh thoughts. Remember that dancing it self has a lot of amazing physiological benefits.


Create in your mind a fictitious character

One that has ALL the qualities you admire and want to have as a dancer. It might be a real person, like Fred Astaire or Bruno Mars or Ginger Rogers or Lady Gaga, doesn’t matter, whoever excites you and inspires you. Picture that you ARE the character you create.

The body has a definite physical response to the stress of this situation, and if the dancer is not aware of what is happening, the shaking legs or “butterflies” in the stomach can be upsetting.  Dancers are known for being able to control their bodies, and when the body takes over, it can be very disconcerting.

Meditation Exercise

Mediation with deep breathing exercises and energy restore will enable you to overcome negative energy and reset normal blood flow away from stress hormones. Which apply negatively on all over your body especially muscles. In order to transport the glucose to the muscles, certain blood vessels dilate, or expand, while those that lead to other parts of the body constrict, or begin to close, so that the blood is directed toward the muscles and brain and diverted away from the other systems.

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As a result, the digestive system slows down, causing feelings of nausea and/or stomach upset, and hands and feet may begin to tingle or feel cold.  The lack of blood circulation in the feet is what is responsible for the saying, “he got cold feet”, meaning that the person was too nervous or anxious to follow through with the intended promise or performance.

Focus on Your performance Only

Make your thoughts focused only how perform well, get attention to your movements on stage and your chemistry and interaction with your crew. Performance anxiety only becomes a problem if the dancers feel like they cannot control what is happening in their bodies.  Not understanding the feelings of nausea, dizziness, shaky limbs, and rapid breathing, can cause the dancer to feel a loss of control and panic.

Focus on Stage Only

It is important for dancers to understand what is happening in their bodies. Focus on how to be friendly with the stage and interact with audience. The stress response to the idea of performing in front of an audience is a normal one. it will be easy if you kept your easy-going spirit and act like yourself, don’t fake your emotions.

Finally, success comes firstly from our minds if you can master your thoughts you can master your life. We wish you all good luck.

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