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An Overview of Fitness Dance Styles

Fitness Dance styles can be confusing sometimes, but it`s one of the best exercises to tone your body and strip you of fat. Without feeling like you’re slaving away in the gym. Great for toning up those abs and building glutes and leg muscles.

Fitness Dance Overview

Dance exercise is a great way to add a bit of fun and variety into your normal cardio training. Many people are dancing not just for fun but for fitness. In fact, fitness dance styles are one of the most popular workouts at the gym today. From funk to Zumba, and everything in between, stomping and twirling their way to getting in shape. Reducing stress and more, all with a smile on their face and pep in their step.

Of course you want to stay fit and slim, but at the same time you want to do something exciting and fun. You don’t want to go to the gym just for lifting weight and repeat that over and over with a pattern for exercises. Yes we understand that physical exercises are tone up only specific muscles at a time and it`s very effective. But you need to do something along with it, something that will boost your flexibility, strength, physical fitness, mental health and give a wide varieties of movements, the answer is fitness dance.

Most fitness dance styles classes have a focus on cardiovascular exercise (relating to the heart and blood vessels). Instructors plan easy-to-follow choreography that keeps participants moving in an effort to raise their heart rates.

Zumba is Based Loosely on Latin Dance Style

Fitness Dance styles

One of the most popular fitness dance styles around the world. Alberto “Beto” Perez, known as the father of Zumba. Beto was a Colombian aerobics trainer. One day when he was going to take his classes, he forgot to carry his aerobics songs cassette.

He didn’t want to go back home for that and then he went back to his car. And there he found a cassette of Latin dance music and decided to go with that taps.

When he played the stimulating beats of Rumba. Every student started enjoying the dance workout. Then he continued experimenting with different Latin kinds of music and choreographed it for the workout.

On today’s date, Zumba is being considered as one of the most popular fitness and cardio exercise. Other than gym Zumba is the most beloved fitness program among common masses. The reason is that this cardio and weight loss exercise is the most fun and entertaining among all of its competitiveness. You can also read our article about why Zumba comes first in fitness dancing here.

Bokwa on African Dance Style

Fitness Dance styles

The fitness dance BOKWA was invented in Los Angeles by South African coach and dancer Paul Mavi in 2000. Bokwa’s word is the contraction of “BO” from BOXING and ” KWA” from KWAITO. (a dance of South African ghettos on R’n’B, raga and hip-hop music). The moves are inspired by South African war dance Capoeira. The Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music, Kickboxing and aerobic steps.

The dance steps are actually based on letters and numbers, not choreography. The movements are in the shape of English-language letters, for example L, J, and C. Once dancers have the steps down, it’s easy for anyone to pick up quickly, no fancy footwork necessary. And once you mastered the basic steps, dancers can add their own freestyle moves like explosive arm movements, shimmies, and hip bumps.

The program’s beauty is its simplicity. Because each move is pretty basic, dancers can get as fancy (or high-energy) as they want or keep it basic (and low-impact). The magic behind these instructor-led classes is the combination of high-energy music, easy-to-master moves, and the freedom for creative dance expression. This has helped Bokwa Fitness grow to be a bona fide workout craze.

Not only will Bokwa get you into the best shape ever, it increases self-esteem and improves your outlook on life. You’ll learn dance steps, get fit and have fun at the same time.  It’s a great way to start your morning, revving up your metabolism and getting you ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.

Doonya on Bollywood Dance Style

a group dancing doonya

One of the fitness dance styles around India, The creators of the fitness dance program, Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai both grew up in the United States to Indian immigrant parents. They started Doonya in Washington, DC as a way to bring a bi-cultural approach to the dance and fitness worlds and began teaching the program in the Virginia.

The Cardio dance Bollywood-style workout is a dance based high-intensity interval training fitness program. Spend 55 minutes sweating to the powerful drum beats of South Asia. Starting with a movement breakdown, you are equipped with the exotic, energetic steps to take you through 8-11 songs. Each heart pounding routine targets a major muscle group through innovative choreography and body-weight and weighted movements.

LaBlast on Ballroom Dance Style

a group dancing lablast with Louis Van Amstel

LaBlast Fitness dance is an interval cardio dance fitness workout created by world renowned dancer, coach, and fitness expert Louis Van Amstel from ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”.

LaBlast is an upbeat cardio program in which anyone can participate.  It is based around ballroom dancing but is completely partner-free. LaBlast workout includes high energy Latin dances such as cha-cha, salsa, samba, disco, hustle, merengue, Jive, swing, tango, Waltz and also incorporates the quickstep hip-hop and disco.

During this work out you will learn actual dance steps while moving to a variety of musical genres. the musical selections of this class make LaBlast even more special than other dance programs. Dancing is intuitive and it is emotional; every different song speaks differently to the listener and dancing allows for complete individual expression.

Kerboomka Fitness Dance Styles on Club-style

kerboomka Fitness

During the summer of 2007, creator of Kerboomka, Kershel Anthony, relocated to the sunny state of Florida. Being a fitness enthusiast his entire life, he decided to teach a group fitness class at his local gym. Kershel was determined to fuse together his expertise in dance with his passion for fitness. The only problem was, he couldn’t figure out how to satisfy the fitness enthusiast while challenging the dance crowds.

Kerboomka is a fitness dance styles which is a cardio category that is designed to transform not only the way you work out, but also the way you think about fitness. It core crunching, heart pumping and most important it`s fun, combines hip-hop dance moves, with popular music that will make you forget that you are even exercising.

Jazzercise on Jazz Fitness Dance Styles

Who wants to have fun while working out? We all do! And this is exactly what Jazzercise will do. Many people want something to ease their way back into fitness but have fun at the same time. You do dance and fitness routines to jazz music. Well, it used to be to jazz music.

The workouts have changed now to use current music because that’s what people who are working out would prefer. Jazzercise is one of the oldest fitness dances in the world, famous since the 1970s it takes moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing and resistance training.

It will work all those bulky sections of your body and help you achieve your fitness goals., this workout is effective, heart rate elevating, and has a great combination of cardio and resistance training. There are over 78,000 Jazzercise instructors today, and almost every country conduct classes on Jazzercise.

There are also a few tips you should remember when it comes to fitness dance workouts!

  • Before you begin any fitness dance class or session, it is important to do warm up for about ten minutes. You should get that heart rate elevated so that you are ready to workout.
  • Don’t forget to drink a glass full of water before and after the workout, this will replenish your body and make you feel hydrated.
  • Wear well-fitted clothes while dancing, because, if you wear clothes that are too loose or too tied, you will not be able to dance like a pro and it will restrict your hand and leg movements.
  • Cool down once the fitness dance workout has come to an end, always remember that you need to do a couple of stretching exercises for this one.

Fitness dance styles are a lot, and everyday we see a new style or technique is born, fitness dance styles are very demanding among people who are not into gym training, and need to do both for exerciser and having fun at the same time, fitness dance styles are very profitable business as well because it targets a lot of people of different ages and cultures, these reasons should be enough to try one of the fitness dance styles that is suitable for you today.

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