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Dance Floor Etiquette For Complete Beginners

The dance floor has it`s own etiquette & respect, because not only you are respecting the people around you. You are respecting the dance, the atmosphere & definitely yourself. We want everyone to have a great time when they`re out dancing. Here are some of the dance floor etiquette tips can help to foster a safe & comfortable place to dance.

Respect the Dress Code

Not like dance classes which you can wear conferrable clothes. Deciding what to wear to a dancing event can initially be a daunting experience. However, before you panic, it’s important to remember that dressing for a dance only requires you to match what other dancers are wearing. Primarily a group activity, it’s always good practice to follow the crowd and base your clothing choice on the formality or style of the event. No cowboy hats at black-tie balls, please ?

man inviting a girl for dance while she is sitting on a chair

Asking Someone to Dance

Be gentle & polite when asking someone to dance, always offer directly and look them in the eye, raise your hand with a big smile on your face. Try to ask someone who looks like they are willing and ready to dance. It’s best to dance with a number of different partners throughout an event, with people from a variety of levels. It may seem a challenge to keep up with professional dancers at first but it really is the best way to learn.

The fact that women now have the right to ask men to dance. Ladies, I highly recommend asking. I understand the idea of wanting him to ask you, but Sometimes the only way to get the dance with the gentleman that you want to dance with is to ask.

Remember, being a gentleman is one of the greatest dancer skill

For gentlemen, once both of you are done. Kiss the lady`s hand & thank her. Don`t forget to walk back with the lady to same place you have invited her to dance.

Don’t Be Discouraged if They Refused

If you finds that people are declining your dance offers, don’t be discouraged. They may just need a break from the proceedings, or they might not know the dance style. Allow your confidence to bounce back and simply go and ask somebody else.

If you don`t want to dance with someone, you can say no & you don`t need to explain. You can also stop dancing with anyone at anytime during a dance. If you asked someone to dance and they say no, respect the decision and ask someone else, no one obliged to dance with you.

Entering & Leaving the Dance Floor

Be cautious when initially entering the dance floor. Other dancers may be moving quickly and you don’t want to get in their way. When leaving the dance floor, quickly move off it before the start of the next dance to avoid causing disruption. Always compliment your partner when you leave the floor, following a dance – it’s a common courtesy in dance.

Don`t Give feedback & Mind Your language

Unless they specifically ask for feedback, don`t correct people`s dancing on the dance floor. And above all, don`t be inappropriate, meaning of don`t use sexiest, homophobic, trans-phobic, ableist or racist language. dance floor etiquette.

Good Manners During Dances

couple dancing

Above all else, don’t hog the dance floor. Be cautious when dancing and respect the personal space of others. Don’t get too close to nearby couples on the floor and prepare to quickly change direction to avoid congested areas. Try and match your footwork to guide you to more spacious areas of the dance floor.

Just Smile if You Made a Mistake

Simply smile if you did a mistake. A dance floor is no place for bitter scowls. Errors inevitably happen during dancing and they should not spoil the occasion. Remember that your own ability may differ greatly from that of your partner and attaching blame is therefore completely pointless. We all have to learn sometime so be patient with the progress of yourself and others.

Take things slowly when you first start dancing with a new partner. It will take a few moments before your differing dancing styles click so don’t rush into any complex moves that might put them off. When leading a dance, pay special care and attention to your partner.

Overall, it pays to be warm, charming and welcoming on the dance floor. No matter how many errors occur, offer good company for your partner and make frequent eye contact. Most of all try to enjoy yourself — when it comes down to it the aim is to have fun.

No Aerials Please

Avoid trying to be too flashy in your dancing. Try to avoid any dance ticks that require a lot of floor space without permission and/or expert ability.

We all know they look pretty cool and entertaining but the thing is no one like being kicked in the face. Aerials and other trick moves can be incredibly dangerous to both yourself and other dancers. Save aerials for jam circles and competitions, and keep your feet on the floor.

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