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Etiquette to Keep in Mind in any Dance Class

First let me define what is etiquette means in simple words, it`s the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. In other words, the way we act and behave to other people around us.

Etiquette is really important as technique in all dance classes especially for new comers. If you don’t have a good etiquette, it’s going to be really tough to have a good positive experience in the studio, because choreographers won’t wanna work with you, or other dancers won’t be able to cooperate with you. So you want to have a good attitude and be able to follow what we call the etiquette rules.

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Salsa, Contemporary or Zumba dance is your favorite type of dance, there are some Etiquette to Keep in Mind Before joining any Dance Class. Let`s get into details to keep decent attitude while dance at any studio and having fun. So, we need to make sure that you understand and have a great understanding the important of having a good etiquette.

Take a shower before joining dance class

This will represent your civilized attitude. Remember personal hygiene for males or females is very important for you and for people around you. And of course your partner. No offense about gender by the way. Having a good personal hygiene is very important, and it gives a long good or bad impression.

Don`t be late & don`t leave early

Coming at the proper time reflects your respect for the class and your colleagues plus you are not going to miss anything been said and your teacher will know that you are serious about dancing.

Bring body spray, deodorant and chewing gum .. Please!

Put them in your bag will be highly appreciated to keep you fresh. And keep your good smell in dancing studio. Get a towel to wipe your sweat and a chewing gum to keep your mouth smell good while dancing and talking.

Put your phone on silent please

you should not even see your phone. It should not be in the studio in the first place. It should be on silent. Put away in your bag. Don’t text during water breaks, put your phone on silent, please. You can text your boyfriend or your girlfriend after class, it’s fine.

No food or Drink

Only Water is allowed in dance class because these floors, the dance floors are so expensive. So when you spill your little Gatorade or chocolate on the floor and those ants come crawlin’ in. Seriously, only bring water into the studio. Make sure it’s closed so you don’t spill it in the middle of class. Put all of your snacks in your bag and you can munch on those later.

Do Your Best

If you make made a mistake taking a dance class that’s beyond your skills, never walk out of a class or sit down in defeat, stay there and try your best, no one will blame you for that. You can also read our article of how to step up your confidence as a beginners here.

Practice at home Now, you don’t have to come back perfect. That’s absolutely not because dance class is your experimental space. So. you should be working and making mistakes, and growing. But that growth won’t happen unless you’re really soaking in what your teacher is saying or your choreographer is saying. So make sure you’re really present when you’re getting corrections.

Wear comfortable clothes while dancing

Wear comfortable clothes which give you flexibility and confidence during dance class, If you wear clothes that are too loose, you will not be able to dance like a pro. It will restrict your hand and leg movements. The best outfit for aerobics dance is a jersey and some sports shoes.

Carefully listing to your dancing teacher

That makes the best benefit for you, and don`t be shy to ask again and again to learn, Don`t make noise during class in order not to disturb others concentration and respect your colleagues’ space. Keep your opinions of the choreography and the combinations in class to yourself, because believe it or not, your teacher is kind of self conscious too. They are standing in front of this huge class and giving our information and what they think is right, and what they see as beautiful, and it’s kinda scary because you have everybody else’s opinions and judgment coming back at them. So, it doesn’t feel very good when you hear
comments in class, literally out loud.

Don’t take photos or videos without approval

Some classes (most of them) will do that for you as reference. If You need to take a video for certain move or anything during the dance class. Simply ask your teacher and he or she will do that for you, and it`s preferred to make any videos after the class. And you can ask other students politely. Please try to share that video with other students.

Keep Dancing and Keep Smiling

Etiquette final thoughts

So, this is the etiquette to Keep in mind before joining any dance class. Last thing we need to remind you with before join dance class. Is to keep your positive attitude as dance student. Dance is the magical power that connects its community and learns them all. To have good behaviors and live in positive way, Etiquette is important to leave a good impression to all dancer around you, enjoy high self-confidence and stay motivated at life.

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