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Tips to Step-up Your Confidence as a Total Beginner

Your confidence as a dancer is very important topic. Learning to dance is not hard at all but how to dance is something completely different. So many of us make it one of our goals to learn how to dance one day. You decided to learn how to dance and.

You signed-up in a dance class and started to get the idea. Class after class you want to push your confidence as a Total Beginner. And push yourself to improve your dancing technique but you feel you are not ready yet for this step. You need more time.

So you decided to go to a dance event and try what you have learned so far. Watching others dancing like masters and you won`t even think of step-in that dance floor. And you`ll start to ask yourself thousand questions. Believe me when I tell you this my friend. We all had that feeling and we asked ourselves these questions. Here are tips to step-up your confidence for total beginner.

Dancing is like learning a foreign language

Your Confidence as a Total Beginner

People are surprised at just how hard dancing can actually be. And for complete beginners, even the most basic steps can be too complex to understand. This is completely normal. It’s because these movements are so foreign to the mind and body that they seem impossible. But it means that your brain is working.

Dancing stimulates the same part of the brain as complex puzzles and learning a foreign language. The brain is a muscle. And it takes time for muscle memory to understand how the body is moving to gradually internalize new movements so they eventually become natural.

You often have to keep getting it wrong until you eventually get it right. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to dance. Instead of seeing mistakes and failures as setbacks, see them as a learning process that you need to go through. Professional dancers often say that the key is to always smile. The truth is we rarely notice the mistakes of someone who makes an obvious mistake. But stay calm and keep a shining smile.

“Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all”

Be patient and always practice

girl dancing with Confidence as a total beginner

Patience is an art. I have seen some people show up to their first beginner’s class and get frustrated. After half an hour that they can’t follow the most basic steps. But that’s not how it works. Learning new steps is a reward that comes from patience and practice. Nobody can become a dance star overnight.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort through your mistakes. Then you will be able to become a great dancer, and one of the most method that you can do to increase your confidence as a dancer.

Your posture is very important

couple dancing with Confidence as a total beginner

Your posture comes first before any steps or moves. The taller you stand roll back your shoulders and look up. The more drastic a difference it makes as to how you look. Even when performing the most basic dance steps as an amateur. In some dances. We have a tendency to bounce as we shift from one foot to another.

A great way to deal with this is to find a fixed point to focus on. Something that we called maintaining a visual line. Posture and poise can vary slightly for each dance. For example. In salsa, flexing your knees more and lifting your feet. Will help to better define the movement. Whereas in tango, you keep your legs straight and feet close to the ground.

Listen to the music and Feel the rhythm

Your Confidence as a Total Beginner

The fundamental part of your confidence as a dancer is to understand the rhythm. So that our steps fall on the right beat – regardless of the dance style. Sometimes It takes months before you finally got it, but once you do, it becomes a breakthrough. There are two ways that you can work on this. One is to repeat the most basic step hundreds of times to music until you find synergy.

And the second is to listen to the music of the dance style you want to learn when you are not dancing. The more you listen, the more you will make the difference between the different instruments, patterns of percussion and rhythm. Which will eventually become a map for your feet.

Learn different types of dance to boost your confidence

Your Confidence as a Total Beginner

There are so many different styles of dance that you may be unsure of which to choose when deciding to learn to dance. The simple answer is to try lots of different dance styles. It’s true that excelling at one style requires many years of practice.

It’s good to make mistakes until you eventually get it right

But to be proficient in several types of dancing take less time and may be more beneficial. Take the time to learn a little about a variety of styles. Rather than focusing on one. You could find yourself at a variety of events. When you could be dancing to anything from break dance to ballroom.

Remember, dancing is meant to be fun. Not a chore or something to get worked up about. Regardless of how many (or how few) dance moves your locker. You can usually have an enjoyable dance with anyone, so relax, have fun and keep dancing to increase your confidence as a dancer.

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