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Tour@ Slimnastics Studio Ballet & Aerobics

Slimnastics Studio operates one, full-service ballet and aerobics studio in New Cairo with plans for expand throughout Cairo in the coming year. It is the first private ballet school in Egypt for girls ages 3 to 15. In addition to our expertise in ballet, our company offers a diverse selection of aerobics programs and services for women and children only. Including group fitness classes, kickboxing, jazzercise and wellness workshops. Since our opening in December 2013. Our studio has trained over 600+ young ladies in classic Russian ballet. We’ve further strengthened our reputation as experts in dance as well as aerobic activities in Egypt. With over 25 hours per week of 15 unique aerobics classes.


Slimnastics Studio Girls Ballet

Slimnastics Studio Believe that ballet should be for everyone
We train girls starting 3 years old up to 15 years old
With us ballet is not just a casual training, ballet is a mix between education & fun. Ballet teaches girls discipline &
Coordination, balance & Self confidence that should be in all girls Characters.

Slimnastics Studio Aerobics & Dancing

Slimnastics Offers different types of aerobics & Dancing classes for ladies by certified professional instructors.


Kick boxing & Junior Jazzercise for girls & boys from 4 years till 12 years old. Classes are mix of fun activity and perfect way to challenge your child physically. Classes are a blast and combat games promote fitness, Confidence, responsibility of commitment.

Check Slimnastics Facebook Page for Schedule.

Check Slimnastics Website.

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