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Sexual Harassment in Egyptian Dance Community

Sexual Harassment in Egyptian Dance Community has become a phenomenon these days. Instead of going to dance class to have fun enjoy music & learning new art. You ended up being watched and touched from strangers.

It is really very frustrating in Egypt the country with massive culture history and arts. where some men don’t appreciate arts and some don’t show enough respect for dancing as classy arts.

Egyptian Women Facing Harassment

Nearly most of Egyptian women have faced sexual harassment in some day in their life. Even with staring or by bad words regardless your age or social level. However we all know it has no specific reason or logic only intruded behavior on Egyptian culture. As a result hurting or harassing women is sign to show your masculine side or a prove to be hulk who knows!

According to 2 women equity firms’ studies. UN Women and Promundo have showed that 44%of Egyptian men have a perception that they should harass with women. As they love that and find a pleasure with this action, can you believe it? Some men may even think it is national duty.

some behavior therapists have explained in scientific way. The main reasons which varies from low education level, shortage of money or low social awareness, others from higher levels may suffer from insecurity and rejection from females which turned by time into violence and desire for women humiliation.

Sexual Harassment is not exclusive to dancers, close minded people and dogma that show business and dance as career may be a motive for men to harass women as shaming for dance but it is not a surprise that women in business, media and even in all careers experienced this awful.

Stop Shifting the Blame on Sexual Harassment

In other words the only people we should be blaming are the harassers. And the people who knowingly allow the behavior and even hide it. Just because a girl dancing & wearing pencil skirt doesn`t mean she is guilty of behaviors attitude. In other words don’t blame a girl because she is dancing or even laughing loudly. Therefore Shifting the blame minimizes the egregious act of sexual harassment, It’s time to put harassers in their place.

If You Think Dancing Studio is Perfect Place for Dating, PLEASE think Again

Back to Harassment in Dancing

Therefore as a feedback from many female dancers were orally and tangibly bullied during dance classes. However recent years evidenced their suffer while they practice their passion in dancing. Starting from, ballet, Zumba, salsa or what so ever dancing styles. she is blamed for having a good body and butterflies’ performance.

Guys dancing costumes is universal and like formal dressing in companies as code of dressing. It is not designed for men pleasure or for any purpose of excitation. Any lady whatever she does in dancing studio if she is instructor, choreographer or amateur. She is there for her hobby or career wise & men attention is not a part of her plan at all.

#BeGentleman will be our symbolic campaign in Egyptian dancing community to fight harassment. Feel free to share your painful Harassment experience or your tips for female dancers.

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