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Extraordinary Dances and Songs In Egypt Will Never Be Forgotten

Extraordinary Dances and Songs In Egypt. Dance has not been a part of recent Egyptians culture. But, since Pharaohs it was a part of life. Dancing was part of daily life starting from farming work. Till it was a religious part to thank GODS for their blessing. However, in today’s Egypt. We still consider dancing is an essential part of culture of happiness and joy. We follow booming music and dance all over the world and enjoy it really.

Let’s Dance on Kiki

It was the trendiest dance in Egypt in 2018. on top of that, kiki challenge was Egyptian social media trend the last summer. in other words. This song challenge had a wide spread between Egyptian youth. It was getting out of your car while moving and dancing.


Despacito song and its dance for Louis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee was summer hit 2018. It ranked number one on youtube with its crazy beat and Spanish touch. Really made a phonemic state in more than 50 countries around the world including Egypt for sure.


Dancing on because am happy by Pharrell Williams was booming in night clubs and summer night in Egypt. Above all, it has given us sensation of joy and mood to be really happy in 2017. I give all the credit to Pharrell and his team behind scenes to share this mood with us.

Shape of You

Shape of you released in 2017 by the English singer Ed Sheeran. In addition, it ranked number 1 for more than 8 months in more than 40 countries. Not too much this song was written and inspired by Rihanna. But in unplanned way Ed decided to surprise us with him performing the song and its fascinating choreography.

Gangnam Style Dance

Gangam Style dance by PSY was madly the trending dance in 2012; its views reached billions on you-tube. It dominated the world culture these days.

We just believe that dancing and music could be the only universal language that could unify the humanity. Sharing love and positive vibes. We collect Extraordinary Dances and Songs In Egypt. Kiki dance, Despacito , Gangam Style all have something in common which is happiness and peace . Let’s share love.

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