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Etiquette to Keep in Mind in any Dance Class

Salsa, Contemporary or Zumba dance is your favorite type of dance. Whatever it is there are some Etiquette to Keep in Mind Before joining any Dance Class. Let`s get into details to keep decent attitude while dance at the studio and having fun.

Take a shower before joining dance class

This will represent your civilized attitude. Remember personal hygiene for males or females is very important for you and for people around you. And of course your partner. No offense about gender by the way.

Bring body spray, deodorant and chewing gum .. Please

Put them in your bag will be highly appreciated to keep you fresh. And keep your good smell in dancing studio. Get a towel to wipe your sweat and a chewing gum to keep your mouth smell good while dancing and talking.

Do your best.

If you make made a mistake taking a dance class that’s beyond your skills, never walk out of a class or sit down in defeat, stay there and try your best, no one will blame you for that.

Wear comfortable clothes while dancing

Wear comfortable clothes which give you flexibility and confidence during dance class, If you wear clothes that are too loose, you will not be able to dance like a pro. It will restrict your hand and leg movements. The best outfit for aerobics dance is a jersey and some sports shoes.

Don`t be late & don`t leave early

Coming at the proper time reflects your respect for the class and your colleagues plus you are not going to miss anything been said and your teacher will know that you are serious about dancing.

Carefully listing to your dancing teacher

That makes the best benefit for you, and don`t be shy to ask again and again to learn, Don`t make noise during class in order not to disturb others concentration and respect your colleagues’ space.

Don’t take photos or videos without approval

some classes (most of them) will do that for you as reference, and make sure your mobile is silent or off to stay focused and not disturbing other students

Keep Dancing and Keep Smiling

So, this is the etiquette to Keep in mind Before joining any dance class. Last thing we need to remind you with before join dance class. Is to keep your positive attitude as dance student. Dance is the magical power that connects its community and learns them all. To have good behaviors behaviors  and live in positive way, enjoy high self-confidence and stay motivated at life.

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