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Mission and Vision

The golden age for dancing is back, inspired by the passion of dancing and dancers, aiming to share love, tolerance and culture rising between in all over Egypt. Setting dance in the real position it deserves in Egyptians Concept. Soul Dance is the first online magazine in Egypt specialized in sharing all types of dancing like Ballet, Latin, Break-dance, hip-hop, Belly dancing, Contemporary and so on, gathering the dance community in Egypt, and make sure everyone is understanding the beauty of this magnificent and elegant art.

How We Categorize our Content?


Soul Dance is inspired by dancers, so we have dedicated section for them all to let people know and read about their amazing and inspired stories, we are Honored and thankful to have them on our magazine.


We love events (everybody does) so we have a section gathering all dancing events including Special events, Festivals, Shows and upcoming events, hope to see you there.


Read-up section contains articles about general subjects of dancing, articles like how-to, dancing history, techniques, trending, tips-and-tricks and so on.


According to World Health Organization (WHO), health definition simply is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, imagine .. dancing is all about that. This section is all about what makes dancing is a great way to maintain a great physical, psychological, and social health, all articles related to dancing and health is in this section because dancing is the most fascinating activity you can do for your body and soul.


This section mainly will take you on a tour inside dancing studios and school, just to take a look around and make that place closer to you, but at the same time we will show you any place that involved dancing.

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