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10 Tips to Help You Pass Ballet Audition

Ballet is not only considered one of the classiest arts but it is also considered lead by example of disciplined attitude among other types of arts and dance, after some sorts of surveys between professional ballet dancers and trainers we are going to give you some keys to pass auditions easily and get your dream achieved. here are 10 ballet dancer tips to pass any ballet audition.

1- Be prepared for anything

Make sure your choreography suits the style of the audition and also shows off your technique and artistic ability. Practice your solo regularly.

This also means to bring back up supplies such as hair bands, bobby pins, band-aids, extra water, other dance shoes, knee pads, or anything else you think you might need; you never know when a choreographer is going to throw some ballet into a hip-hop routine these days.

2- Dress appropriately

Be smart about knowing what you are auditioning for. A ballet role is going to want to see you in leotard, tights, ballet slippers, or pointe shoes. A hip-hop role will allow you to express your personality through your outfit, If appropriate, wear something that helps you stand out in the crowd. Be edgy, but, keep it clean and neat. Inquire if you have any questions about the dress code. Bring the correct dance shoes as well.

3- Be informed

Be informed about what you are auditioning for, learn as much as you can about the role or company you are auditioning for beforehand, find out if there is a fee to audition and be sure to bring it with you. Then, find out if you need to bring or submit any documents. If the audition requires a resume and head-shot, start to prepare the required documents.

Find out if the audition will require a solo, and prepare by choreographing in advance. You can choreograph it yourself or have someone else choreograph it on you if you are more comfortable with that.

4- Your resume highlights your strengths

Make sure your resume highlights your strengths and recent accomplishments, and includes your name and phone number. Also be sure to mention where you have trained, who you have studied with, and performance experience, Your head-shot should be a professional photograph. Some auditions may also require a full body photo. They may require you to apply and send this information in advance; others may want you to bring printed copies that they can keep.

5- Arrive early

Give yourself time to check-in and warm up. A good, thorough warm up is essential to any dancer being able to perform at their best. Take time to center yourself, stretch, and move, even if they are giving you a warm up in the audition, this time will also help orient you to the studio space. If you start to feel nervous, take a few deep, slow breaths to calm yourself down.

“Auditioning is a Skill that Should be Practiced Often & will be Improved Over Time”

6- Show persistence and team playing skills

slimnastics first team

Instead of calls and regular interviews some casting directors see that actions speaks louder than just some words, they invite candidates for studios for progressive programs for a couple of days, this prolonged period of training shows the dancer core and attitude from how is adoptable, persistent and able to be part of team and cooperate. Main weakness points will show up if candidate suffers from specific problem in performance so it will be crystal clear if they have the potentiality they are looking for or not fit. Your positive attitude will be your royal gate to pass.

7- Become a stronger dancer

Increase your cardio health through running, biking, or swimming, lift weights to increase your strength for partner work. Take dance classes in different styles consistently, during your classes, take your training seriously so that your technique is in peak form, do yoga or Pilates to stretch, strengthen your core, and focus your mind, be patient to find what works for you, this will help you get through a long audition, cross training also keeps you in physically good shape, so that the judges are seeing your best self when you audition.

8- Show you are tough enough

Despite you may think that accepted ballet dancers should have a great technique and amazing experience, with deep further talking with casting directors they only wanted dancers to show they are tough enough and tolerable only , feet positions and arms movements and body gestures skills could be acquired by time and training but there are basics couldn’t be learned essential performance talent , unique style , feel you are ready to be improved and flexible mind .If you have mental barriers to change and maintain your performance you usually don’t succeed.

9- Have a good healthy habit

Maintain a plentiful and balanced diet. Focus on eating whole foods rather than processed foods as much as possible, especially the night before and day of the audition. Have a good, healthy, and filling meal the night before your audition, but don’t overdo it.

Eat a light meal an hour or so prior to your audition. This is very important so that you can function to your highest ability when auditioning. Drink plenty of water regularly, get plenty of sleep in the week and night prior to your audition.

10- Be positive, optimistic & believe in your self

There is no need to compare yourself to others, so leave your judgment at the door. Be optimistic in the time leading up to the audition and bring that passion into the studio with you. Be yourself, relax, and have faith in your abilities, when the time comes to audition, focus your mind on the present moment rather than what the results will be.

Imagining can work well before going to audition have a faith you will succeed and is a part of the team and will be like shining star in casting. The more you can allow your talent to shine through your dancing ability, the closer you will be to landing the job! Be there for yourself and your desire for the job.

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10 Tips to Help You Pass Ballet Audition

Ballet is not only considered one of the classiest arts but it is also considered lead by example of disciplined attitude among...